Partner with ARC Nederland


ARC Nederland is the Dutch expression of the Association of Related Churches, a church planting network which started in the United States in 2001 with the launch of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, and New Life Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Now, close to 600 churches have been planted through ARC and thousands of existing churches are connected to ARC. Their approach to church planting is used in many countries outside of the US, such as Ireland, Canada, Australia, Japan and a few restricted countries.

The vision for ARC Nederland began when Sebastiaan van Wessem, co-founder and Lead Pastor of Thousand Hills International Church in Hilversum, the Netherlands, met with Greg Surratt, the current President of ARC, in 2009. Sebastiaan already had a vision to see hundreds of life-giving, contemporary churches planted in his country, and his relationship with Greg helped him develop Thousand Hills into a model for other church planters to follow in a country that has so few life-giving, contemporary churches.

Since then, Sebastiaan has expanded the leadership team with other strategic pastors in the Netherlands who are leading healthy, vibrant churches: Nicolas van Amerom of De Salvator in Leeuwarden (north Netherlands), Prince Julius of City Changers Church in Den Bosch (south Netherlands), Paul van der Boom of Best Life Church in Utrecht (central Netherlands). They are well connected with other thriving churches in the nation, as well as with churches in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.

Many of the ARC events in the Netherlands are in English or we would have English translation available, so if you are a pastor of leader in the Netherlands or in the neighboring countries but don’t speak Dutch, you’re more than welcome to join us.

If you are a pastor or leader from abroad and would love to help get life-giving churches planted in the Netherlands, we would love to connect with you and help you navigate what that might look like. So be sure to send us an email or connect with one of our Lead Team members through Facebook.